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Testimony by Sydney Reyes

October 31, 2012 in Testimonies about Military Missions | Comments (0)

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We also met the Reyes family in Okinawa, Japan. We all grew together at Maranatha Baptist Church and still enjoy “family reunions” with them whenever we visit Lancaster, California. The Reyeses love serving the Lord. In Okinawa, Sydney often worked nights and spent his days helping wherever he could at the church and academy. I often wondered when he slept! Vicki taught at Maranatha Baptist Academy, and Janis and Ajana helped her and the other teachers as soon as classes ended each day. We praise the Lord for bringing this wonderful family into our lives, and families like this one make serving in military missions extra special. Thank you, Sydney for your testimony and kind words!


Military families move a lot. It helps when they move to a foreign land and be able to go to a church to worship, fellowship, and make lasting friends. We thank God for military missionaries who God called to foreign lands to minister, be a blessing, encourage saved military families to grow in their relationship with God, and share the Gospel to those who are not saved, military or not.

Military missions mean a lot to our family. Personally, military missions hold a special place in my heart for it was in a military missions church (Maranatha Baptist Church, Okinawa) that God saved me from my sins.
It means a lot for my family for it is in one that we made friends who over the years have become family. But more importantly, it was there that God gave us the awesome privilege to grow closer to Him and know Him more personally.

Jesse and Lynne has been a blessing and to us, especially to our daughters. We always look forward to them visiting us and yet, we are more excited to see them go into the field and be used of God for the harvest. We will miss them as they go to where God has called them. We thank and praise God for them.

Sydney and Vicki Reyes and children (Janis, Ajana, and Zeke)
US Navy, Retired
Lancaster, CA, USA

Testimony by Roxanne Daniels

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We met Roxanne Daniels at Marantha Baptist Church in Okinawa, Japan in 2007. She and her husband JD were doing a great job there serving in several ministries, including the teen group. We only knew them for a short while before they had to move back to the States, but it was a blessing to see a family that was so involved in serving the Lord through their local church overseas. JD retired from the Air Force in 2008.

I came to know the Lord in 1999 while our family was stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan. My husband JD was deployed within a month of our arrival in Japan. The deployment was made easier for our children and me because my mother traveled to Japan with us. While JD was away, I met a young woman named Kristi who shared the Gospel with me and invited me to her church. The church was Yokota Baptist pastored by Steve Nutt. My family (minus my deployed husband) began to attend services; and within three weeks, my mom and I received the Lord as our Savior together on the same day. When JD returned from deployment, he started to attend with me a little reluctantly. About eight weeks later, during a missions conference, he too came to know the Lord. My daughter was saved later in the same year, and my son was saved at Yokota two years later under Pastor Warren Webster. My mom passed away just as we were leaving Japan, but we could rejoice in the assurance of her salvation and place in Heaven. I can’t imagine our lives without the Lord, and that was made possible by military missions.