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August 2013 Prayer Letter

August 12, 2013 in Prayerletters | Comments (0)


Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,


Praise the Lord for answered prayer! Thank you all for you unceasing prayers – we are officially on the mission field of Misawa, Japan! With packing, travels, meetings, paperwork, and more packing since May, it sometimes seemed like we’d never make it to our flight from LAX; but God has strengthened and encouraged us and brought us where we need to be in His perfect time.


Faith Baptist Church, Misawa, Japan


We spent the month of May in Alaska where we had meetings at several churches. We are so thankful for the pastors who live to reach Alaska with the Gospel, and Jesse had the opportunity there to lead Ryne to the Lord! We continued our travels in June and July. Every time we had the chance to stop at our apartment in Tucson, we packed boxes to mail to Japan. During our travels, the Lord worked it out for us to say goodbye to family and friends across the country. Our last service at Sun and Shield Baptist Church in Marana, AZ was on July 7th. We are especially thankful to them for their love, encouragement, and support throughout our deputation ministry.



Jesse and Ryne in Anchorage, Alaska


On July 17th, we boarded a plane in Los Angeles and flew to Tokyo where Lynne’s parents picked us up. We got to spend a week with the Navatos and Yokosuka Baptist Church before taking a train up to Misawa. We’ve been in Misawa for two weeks, and it’s been exciting getting to know the church, the people, and the area. Pastor and Mrs. Popwell have been so kind as they’ve been showing us around and training us in different areas of the ministry here. Faith Baptist Church has so many opportunities for outreach – both to the U.S. military and the Japanese – and discipleship, and we are so thrilled to be a part of it!



Lynne distributing Japanese tracts in Yokosuka


Jesse painting his office at church


Please pray specifically that we’d get our visas soon. During our travels in the States we applied for our visas at the Anchorage, Los Angeles, and Atlanta consulates; but we didn’t have sufficient paperwork at any of them (all Japanese consulates have different requirements – different even from what they say on the phone or list on their web sites!) We can stay in Japan for ninety days on a tourist visa, and our church secretary Seiko and Pastor Dan Gardner in Okinawa are working hard to help us obtain our “religious” visas long before the ninety days are over. Without the visas, we are not able to rent a house or buy a car; so we are obviously eager to get the visas. Also, pray with us as we continue to ask churches for support. Our current support level is 82%, and the Lord always provides for our needs. However, we know we could serve Him more effectively if we raise 100% of the amount He laid on our hearts, especially as the yen rate fluctuates. Finally, continue to pray for all our military personnel and their families stationed abroad.


Thank you for your commitment to the Great Commission!


In His Service,


Jesse and Lynne Pilalas

Your Missionaries to the U.S. Military in Misawa, Japan